According to Landor, the burning question is this:

“How can companies rapidly and efficiently infuse innovation across their entire culture, capitalize on the new ideas they spawn, and create value for customers and equity in their brand?”

Ruud Rensink BrainLand

Ruud Rensink BrainLand

Senior Trainer Ruud Rensink:

“By using Mind Maps of course!”

A Mind Map is a revolutionairy system for enhancing creativity, for problem solving, for strategy, for better planning, for learning & teaching, for a better memory and more!

Ruud Rensink is, according to many others, one of the best Mind Map Trainers WorldWide.

Ruud Rensink trains

Ruud Rensink trains

Ruud trains all over the world, wherever YOU want!

Ruud trains in Mind MappingMemory, SpeedReading and Sales!

See more about Ruud and his Mind Mapping skills on www.ruudrensink.com.